ChainTools – plugin for Rhino

With ChainTools, you can easily trim and split complex objects with multiple cutter objects and curves.

ChainTools consists of two commands: ChainTrim and ChainSplit. In ChainTrim you interactively build a set (chain) of trimming curves on an object to be finally trimmed. When picking the curves, you have control of how the trimming chain will look like, which intersections, edges or curves it will include. The command checks and warns if there is no continuity between the curves or to an edge of the trimmed object. It also allows you to undo picking of the last curve, and extend the curves on the trimmed surface. ChainSplit works similarly, the only difference is that all parts of the split object remain.


  • Objects to be cut include surfaces, polysurfaces, extrusions and SubDs
  • Cutter objects include surfaces, polysurfaces, extrusions, SubDs and curves laying on the object to be cut
  • Handling of objects that are grouped and joined into blocks
  • Removing last curve from the cutting chain
  • Extending the curves along a straight line
  • Combining the cutting curves which originate from the same object, or treating them separately
  • Dumping the cutting curves to the document’s curves
  • Plug in is compatible with Rhino 6 and 7 for Windows

Watch a video showing the plugin idea

For explanation of the command’s menu prompts and options, see Manual.

You can download a demo version of the plugin from food4rhino or, in Rhino 7, you can do this by the PackageManager command.

Later, if you wish, you can buy a license file which will turn your demo into full version – click here to go to the shop.